BY-LAWS Revised on 10/26/2017







The name of this organization shall be the Tillamook County Democratic Central Committee, hereafter referred to as TCDCC or the Tillamook County Democrats or the Tillamook County Dems.



The purpose of the TCDCC shall be to:

A. Elect Democratic candidates;

B. Participate in the adoption of the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO) platform and work to ensure that it is carried into law;

C. Provide a link among Tillamook County Democrats, the Fifth Congressional District and the State Central Committee;

D. Inform voters about the DPO platform;

E. Maximize the membership and participation of the TCDCC and the Democratic Party;



The TCDCC shall have all the powers, not inconsistent with the law, to manage the affairs and to transact the business of the TCDCC, including the authority to fill the vacancies when they occur in the office of Committee Chairperson, Committee Vice Chairperson, delegate to the Congressional District Democratic Central Committee (CDDCC or CD5), delegates to the Oregon Democratic State Central Committee (ODSCC or SCC) and Precinct Committee Person.



4.1 The members of the TCDCC shall consist of the officers of this committee and the Precinct Committee Persons, elected and appointed, or Tillamook County.

4.2 Precinct Committee Persons shall be elected in the primary election in accordance with Oregon Law. Additionally, in precincts where a vacancy exists, the Chair of TCDCC may fill that vacancy by appointment until approved by the membership. In those precincts where a Precinct Committee Person or persons are not elected, or when vacancies may occur after election, the TCDCC may fill vacancies. Selection shall be by majority vote of TCDCC officers and Precinct Committee Persons present at the initial organizational meeting or any regular monthly meeting thereafter. A Precinct Committee Person who represents a precinct which is subsequently combined, consolidated or abolished shall continue to be a member of the TCDCC until the next regular election for precinct office.

4.3 A Precinct Committee Person may resign the office of Precinct Committee Person by filing a written notice of resignation with the County Clerk. Upon receipt of the notification of a resignation of a Precinct Committee Person from the County Clerk, the TCDCC can proceed to fill the vacant office of Precinct Committee Person, as provided in Section 4.2.

4.4 An explanation for repeated absences from the TCDCC regular monthly meetings is requested from all Precinct Committee Persons. The record shall be kept by the Secretary. When a Precinct Committee Person ceases to be a resident of the precinct in which she or he resided when elected, or changes political party registration, or dies, the TCDCC shall notify the County Clerk of such fact. When the TCDCC selects a person to fill a vacancy in the office of Precinct Committee Person, the Secretary shall send a written notice of selection to the Tillamook County Clerk within 14 days of the selection.



The TCDCC recognizes that the basic principles of human rights, as codified in the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, are considered central to a civil society. Furthermore, the TCDCC recognizes the humanity of all persons and acknowledges that fairness, dignity, acceptance, and peaceful discourse are considered universal human virtues and, along with decency and common courtesy, are necessary to creating vibrant communities. Therefore, all rules shall be adopted by procedures that assure the fair and open participation of all. Discrimination in the conduct of TCDCC affairs on the basis of gender, race, age, religion, economic status, ability, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, color, creed, parenthood or marital status is prohibited.



6.1 The officers of the TCDCC shall consist of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer. Election of officers, notice of election and eligibility to vote shall be in accordance with ORS 248.035 (Appendix A).

6.2 Eligibility. Any registered Democrat who is a legal resident of Tillamook County and who is neither a candidate for, nor an incumbent in, any political office of that County, State, or Federal government or any position voted for in the County at large, shall be eligible to hold office in the TCDCC.

6.3 Nomination and Election. The officers shall be nominated from the floor and elected by a majority vote of the newly elected Precinct Committee Persons only at the Organizational Meeting of the TCDCC, not later than fifty (50) days after the General Election. Vacancies which occur between terms in the office of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and Delegates to the Oregon Democratic State Central Committee (ODSCC) and to the Congressional District Democratic Central Committee (CDDCC) shall be filled at the next regular meeting of the TCDCC.

6.4 Term of Office. The offices shall be elected for terms of two (2) years or to fill the vacancy of an unexpired term beginning at the reorganization meeting.

6.5 Duties:

A. The Chairperson shall:

1. Have the overall responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the TCDCC and shall preside at the Organizational Meeting, all regular meetings of the TCDCC and meetings of the Executive Committee.

2. Conduct the business of the regular meeting in accordance with the adopted agenda.

3. Abide by the rights, powers and duties conferred upon the office by Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) Chapter 248 and Democratic Party of Oregon Bylaws.

4. Conduct all meetings by the Parliamentary Procedures of Robert's Rules of Order (latest revision), except where otherwise specified by these bylaws.

5. Appoint all committee members and act as an ex-officio member of all standing committees.

6. Be an authorized signer on all bank accounts.

7. Be a delegate to the ODSCC and the CDDCC.

8. Ensure that the TCDCC obtains precinct listings from the County Clerk.

B. The Vice-Chairperson shall:

1. Preside in the absence of the Chairperson and as the Chairperson when the office is vacated or until a successor is elected.

2. Assist the Chairperson and assume other duties as assigned by the Chairperson.

3. Serve as a delegate to the ODSCC and the CDDCC.

4. Coordinate the work of all standing committees.

5. In the temporary absence of the Chair, shall be an authorized signature on all bank accounts.

C. The Secretary Shall:

1. Record minutes of the organizational and regular meetings of TCDCC and the Executive Committee.

2. Provide one copy of the minutes for the chairperson, one copy for the permanent file, and one copy to each Precinct Committee Person.

3. Maintain an up to date record of the membership, bylaws, and such records as may be requested by the TCDCC.

4. Provide each committee member with a list of the entire membership, including name, address, phone number and office held.

5. Send a written notice of committee meetings to the entire membership not less than six (6) days prior to the regular meeting, giving date, time, place, and any special action to be taken such as elections and recalls.

6. Be responsible for correspondence as directed by the Chair.

D. The Treasurer shall:

1. Be custodian of the funds of the TCDCC and maintain an account of all receipts and expenditures for seven (7) years.

2. Issue checks only on authority of an adopted budget as approved by a majority vote of the membership in attendance at the January TCDCC meeting.

3. Be an authorized signer, with Chairperson, on all bank accounts. Upon the vacation of a person authorized to sign checks, the TCDCC shall elect a new officer to fill vacancy.

4. Submit a written financial report at each regular TCDCC meeting and submit a written copy of such report to the Chair and the Secretary seven days prior to the meeting.

5. See that the financial records are open to any member of the TCDCC, following a request of the Executive Committee or to anyone else showing just cause.

6. Have the books ready for financial review at the end of the term of office or within thirty (30) days after demand by the Executive Committee.

7. Be the chair of the Budget Committee.

8. Upon request by the Chair, provide a complete financial report on any authorized project or activity, including the final summation of the profit or loss resulting from the project.

9. File all appropriate reports, including the Contribution and Expenditure report as required by the Secretary of State.


A. Executive Committee

1. The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers and the Chairpersons of the Standing Committees.

2. Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held as needed.

3. A quorum shall be 75% of the members of the Executive Committee.

4. The Executive Committee shall conduct all necessary business required between regular meetings of the TCDCC and shall coordinate activities of the Standing Committees.

5. The Executive Committee shall keep a record of all meetings, which shall be read at the next regular meeting of the TCDCC.

6. The Executive Committee shall require that a financial review be conducted prior to the election of a new Treasurer.

The Chairperson may appoint the following Standing Committees:

B. Membership Committee

1. The Membership Committee shall work to secure Precinct Committee Persons and Neighborhood Leader Program volunteers (NLP) for all precincts in Tillamook County.

2. Identify, recruit and train Precinct Committee Persons and NLP’s; supply them with a precinct map, a list of the registered voters in their precinct, a copy of the current "Precinct Handbook" and a copy of these bylaws.

C. Finance - Fundraising and Events

1. The committee shall be responsible for organizing fund raising events, which includes organizing the annual Tillamook County Fair Booth.

D. Communications Committee

1. The Publicity Committee shall prepare and disseminate appropriate news of the TCDCC as directed by the TCDCC and chairperson.

2. This committee shall maintain the TCDCC website and be responsible for updating and maintaining social media.

E. Legislative Committee

1. This committee shall report on current bills pending in the U. S. Congress and the State Legislature which may be of interest to the Democrats of Tillamook County and submit proposals for desired legislation to the TCDCC for consideration.

F. Nominating Committee

1. Members of the Nominating committee shall be appointed by the Chair and shall consists of three (3) active members of the TCDCC.

2. It shall be the duty of the Nominating Committee to conduct the balloting, voting and tallying of the ballots.

3. The officers shall be nominated from the floor and elected by a majority vote of the newly elected Precinct Committee Persons at the Organizational Meeting of the TCDCC. The election shall occur not later than fifty (50) days after the General Election. Vacancies which occur between terms in the office of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and Delegates to the State Central Committee, shall be filled at the next regular meeting of the TCDCC. All officers shall be elected at the Organizational Meeting, except in the case of one candidate for an office, then the vote may be by voice. The officers shall be elected for two years or until their successors are elected. The term shall begin at the close of the Organizational Meeting at which they were elected and end at the close of the next succeeding Organizational Meeting.

4. Any vacancies for the office of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer shall be filled at the next meeting of the TCDCC, which shall be held within thirty (30) days of the vacancy.

G. Bylaws Committee

1. This committee shall review all proposed bylaw amendments and make recommendations for approval. When the bylaws are approved by the TCDCC, an adopted, updated copy shall be presented to each member through the Chairperson. Bylaws shall be reviewed by this committee at a minimum of every two years to assure compliance with all appropriate state laws and current TCDCC activities.

H. Budget Committee

1. This committee shall include the Chair, Treasurer, and a minimum of three (3) additional members appointed by the Chair. The committee shall draft a proposed budget for the members to approve at the Organizational meeting, before the end of the current budget cycle.

I. Special Committees may be appointed by the TCDCC Chairperson, as needed.



8.1 Delegates appointed by the Chair to the DPO and to serve on various standing district, and state Committees shall be members of the TCDCC.

8.2 The Chair shall appoint delegates and alternates with approval of the membership to the Congressional District(s) plus any other Committee persons prescribed by party rules and regulations.

8.3. Delegates for the ODSCC shall be the County Chairperson and Vice Chairperson plus any other Committee Persons prescribed by the party rules and regulations.

8.4 Delegate or Alternate Delegate posts which become vacant may be filled by the Chairperson's appointment, subject to confirmation by the TCDCC at its next meeting. Should confirmation be denied, nominations shall be accepted from the floor and an election conducted.



9.1 Officers of the TCDCC may be recalled for cause, by majority vote at any meeting of the TCDCC where representation from sixty percent (60%) of the precincts, with Precinct Committee Persons currently servicing, are present.

9.2 The TCDCC may request the resignation of any elected Precinct Committee Person who fails to attend three (3) consecutive regular meetings without a valid reason. Recall shall follow the procedures outlined in current Oregon election laws.

9.3 Appointed Precinct Committee Persons shall serve at the discretion of the TCDCC and may be removed with a majority vote of the TCDCC members present.



10.1 Members of the TCDCC shall be permitted to vote in the Central Committee in accordance with current election laws.

10.2 The members of the Executive Committee shall each have one (1) vote in matters being handled by the Executive Committee.

10.3 A successful vote is a majority vote of the members present and voting.

10.4 Voting by proxy shall not be allowed.



11.1 The organizational meeting of the newly elected TCDCC shall be held no less frequently than every twenty five (25) months of its previous organizational meeting, as required by State law. The sitting TCDCC Chairperson calls the meeting. If the sitting County Chairperson fails to call the organizational meeting with the time the county bylaws require, the State Chair calls the meeting.

11.2 The retiring TCDCC shall prepare an official written notice designating the time, date and place of the meeting which shall be filed with the Tillamook County Clerk not later than ten (10) days following the General Election. A copy shall be sent to newly elected Precinct Committee Persons. The retiring TCDCC shall also mail a copy of the notice to the retiring ODSCC. A second notice shall be sent ten (10) days before a meeting, again stating time, date and place.

11.3 At the time of the organizational meeting, the officers of the retiring TCDCC shall make available to the newly elected TCDCC all property, records, and funds owned or controlled by the retiring TCDCC. (ORS 248.035 Appendix)

11.4 At the organizational meeting of the newly elected TCDCC, before filling a vacancy in the office of Precinct Committee Persons, the TCDCC shall elect a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, and such other officers as the TCDCC deems necessary.

11.5 Newly elected Precinct Committee Persons shall vote on the election of the officers of the TCDCC at the Organizational Meeting. (ORS 248.035 Appendix)

11.6 A newly elected Precinct Committee Person or a person appointed or elected to fill a vacancy in the office of Precinct Committee Person, may vote on the election to fill a vacancy in the offices of the TCDCC. (ORS 248.035 Appendix)

11.7 The newly elected Chairperson shall, within forty-eight (48) hours, send a list of the newly elected officers to the Tillamook County Clerk and to the retiring ODSCC. (ORS 248.035 Appendix)

11.8 If a newly elected TCDCC fails to meet or to organize as provided by election laws, the Chairperson of the retiring ODSCC shall appoint a temporary Chairperson of the TCDCC. The temporary Chairperson shall call an Organizational Meeting and organize the TCDCC as provided in Oregon election laws. (ORS 248.043 Appendix)



12.1 The TCDCC shall hold a regular meeting each calendar month unless canceled by majority vote.

12.2 All members of the TCDCC, whose names have been certified and whose correct address is in the postal mailing file as well as on the email list of the TCDCC, must be notified in writing at least six (6) days prior to any regular meeting.

12.3 Other meetings may be called at any time by the TCDCC Chairperson, or in her or his absence or incapacity, by the TCDCC Vice Chairperson, or in the absence of both Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, by any other officer or by ten (10) Tillamook County Precinct Committee People.

12.4 The person or persons calling the meeting shall designate the date, time, and place, as well as the purpose of the meeting, and shall notify the membership of such meeting in the usual manner.

12.5 A quorum shall consist of twenty percent (20%) of the total Precinct Committee People. A meeting which does not have a quorum shall not be considered a duly constituted meeting.

12.6 Any regular meeting of the TCDCC is open to the public.



These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of members present and voting at any meeting. Proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the Chair of the Bylaws Committee of the TCDCC. Bylaws Committee Chairperson shall submit proposed changes to TCDCC Chairperson. TCDCC Chairperson shall present proposed amendments in writing to each member of the TCDCC at least sixty (60) days before a meeting at which they are to be voted on.



Rules of procedure in “Robert’s Rules of Order” (current revision) shall govern the TCDCC in all cases not covered by these bylaws, the Central Committee Standing Rules, or the Bylaws of the Democratic Party of Oregon.


Adopted: October 26, 2017 (revisions indicated in yellow)




1. ORS 248.035: Transfer of property; election of officers; notice of election; eligibility to vote. (1) At the organizational meeting of a county central committee:

  (a) The officers of the retiring county central committee shall make available to the committee the property, records and funds owned or controlled by the retiring committee.

  (b) The committee next shall elect a chairperson, vice chairperson and other officers the committee considers necessary. The persons elected to the offices need not be members of the county central committee. The committee shall determine the term of each office. Only a newly elected precinct committeeperson may vote on the election of committee officers.

  (2) The elected chairperson, within 48 hours of the chairperson’s election, shall send a list of the officers of the committee to the county clerk and to the state central committee.

  (3) Only a newly elected precinct committeeperson or a person appointed or selected to fill a vacancy in the office of committeeperson may vote to fill a vacancy in a committee office. Immediately before a meeting of the county central committee at which there may be an election to fill a vacancy in a committee office, the chairperson shall obtain from the county clerk a list of committee members. The list shall determine the eligibility of a committeeperson to vote to fill a vacancy in a committee office. [1965 c.407 §9(1),(2),(3),(4); 1973 c.773 §5; 1975 c.779 §7; 1979 c.190 §81; 2005 c.506 §4]

2. ORS 248.043:Procedure if meeting not called; filling vacancies when no precinct committeeperson elected; term of appointee; notice to county clerk. If a newly elected county central committee fails to meet or to organize or if no person within a county is elected by a major political party as a precinct committeeperson, the chairperson of the retiring state central committee shall appoint a temporary chairperson of the county central committee. The temporary chairperson shall call an organizational meeting and organize the committee as provided by applicable provisions of ORS 248.033 and 248.035. A temporary chairperson appointed when no precinct committeeperson is elected may appoint members to fill the vacancies in the office of committeeperson for the precinct in which the persons are registered. A person so appointed may be removed from office at the pleasure of the central committee, but otherwise shall hold the office of committeeperson for the unexpired term and shall have the powers, duties and privileges of a committeeperson. When a person is appointed to the office of committeeperson pursuant to this subsection, the temporary chairperson shall notify, in writing, the county clerk of the appointment. The county clerk shall place the name of the person appointed on the list of committeepersons. [1965 c.407 §9(5),(6); 1979 c.190 §82]