The committees are responsible for the day to day workings of the party. Attending committee meetings is a great way to get involved in the local party.  Below is a list of committees, their responsibilities, meeting times and chairs. Please reach out to any committee that sounds interesting. They would love to hear from you!!!

List of Committees

Budget Committee: The Budget Committee meets as needed to construct and revise the budget. Contact the Chair Annie Naranjo-Rivera at with questions.

Bylaws Committee: The Bylaws Committee reviews the TCDCC’s Bylaws every two years. The committee also reviews and presents to the membership for adoption or rejection all bylaw amendments. Contact Chair Janet McIntire at with questions.

Communications Committee: Responsible for all external communications from the party. Including website, social media, meeting announcements etc.  Contact Chair Debbie Moberly at with questions.

Events and Fundraising Committee: Organizes all events and fundraisers. Contact Co-Chairs Andrea Goss with questions about fundraising and/or Susan Pierce with questions about events.

Executive Committee: Leadership team responsible for handling affairs of the party between monthly meetings. Contact Chair Dave McCall at with questions.

Hospitality Committee: Responsible for refreshments, greeting, and sign-in at monthly meetings. Does not typically meet. Contact Chair Mick Taylor  at with question.

Legislative Committee: Tracks, discusses and lobbies on state legislation. Updates county party on important legislative developments. Contact Chair Jacob Van Buskirk at or 253-861-8095 with questions.

Membership Committee: Charged with recruiting, inspiring and training PCPs. Also seeks to grow party membership and engagement. Contact Chair Larry Goss at  with questions.

Nominations Committee: Vets candidates for officer positions. Typically only meets before party elections held at the end of even years. Contact Chair Mick Taylor at with questions.