Chair David McCall


David lives in Bay City, and was elected to the City Council in November ’16. He serves as the city’s Fire Department liaison, and is the president of the Tillamook Farmers Market. He has worked in the waste management industry for over two decades. He speaks English, Hungarian, German, and a little Ukrainian. He is also the much admired Chair of the Tillamook County Democrats. Dave also serves as State Central Committee Delegate, Congressional District 5 Delegate and Chair of the statewide Environmental Caucus.

Phone: 503-801-7866


Vice Chair Annie Naranjo-Rivera

Annie lives in Manzanita and serves as Vice Chair, Delegate to the State Central Committee (SCC), and 2nd Vice Chair of Congressional District 5.

Phone: 503-801-6556


Secretary Karen Mahurin

Karen is a hard worker who keep everyone on track. As former chair she has much wisdom to impart and also serves as Parlimentarian. 

Phone: 503-355-2197


Treasurer Jacob Van Buskirk

Jacob does some stuff that involves putting data into the computer and tracking money. This lets him sit at the big table in the front.

Phone: 253-861-8095