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 Join Us Thursday 10/25 at 6:00pm at the Tillamook Library for a phone bank to Get Out the Vote!

The Tillamook County Democrats endorse the following Candidates:

Mary Faith Bell for County Commissioner: Mary Faith has a long history of service in Tillamook County. Now she would like to serve as your voice on the County Commission. Her first priority will be to address the housing crisis which is currently crippling our communities. She will strive to be available and accessible to all.

Tiffiny Mitchell for State Representative District 32: Tiffiny cares about the issues that affect working families. Tiffiny’s top priorities are working to provide affordable housing solutions and ensuring access to affordable healthcare (including addiction and mental health services).

David Gomberg for State Representative District 10: David Gomberg makes sure Portland listens to the Coast. He has a great track record and shows up, listens, and delivers. Gomberg has fought to secure affordable housing projects for our district. Gomberg led in doubling funding for our veterans. Gomberg is a small business owner and advocates for economic development in our community.

Betsy Johnson for State Senate District 16:

Kate Brown for Governor:

The Tillamook County Democrats Endorse a NO vote on ALL ballot measures:

No on Measure 102 (Housing bonds can go to private entities): This measure would allow public money to be used in conjunction with non profit or for profit efforts to build affordable housing. The specifics would be subject to local bond campaigns. This measure would inevitably result in public money going to private developers.

NO on Measure 103 (Grocery Tax): This corporate funded measure bans a “Grocery Tax” which does not exist. This measure would amend the Oregon Constitution to provide a corporate tax loophole.

NO on Measure 104 (⅗ Majority to Raise Taxes): This measure would require a 3/5ths majority in the Legislature to raise revenue. The impact would be legislative gridlock over raising revenue.

NO on Measure 105 (Sanctuary State): This constitutional change would allow local law enforcement to assist ICE in harassing, imprisoning and abusing our immigrant community members.

NO on Measure 106 (Publicly funding women’s reproductive health services): This measure would prohibit any public dollars from going to abortion, including OHP and government employee health plans. The end result would be that thousands of women would not be able to access safe abortions or necessary healthcare. Approximately 300,000 women would lose access.

Join Us at the Following Forums. This is a great chance to hear from everyone running for office.

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