Precinct Committee People

Precinct Committee People are the foundation of Oregon democracy; elected by their peers to represent them in their local political parties. If you have a question about government, politics, or how to get engaged in your community, these are the folk to call!

Tillamook County Precinct Map

Tillamook City Blow Up Precinct Map

If you have questions about which Precinct you live in contact us at or contact the Tillamook County Clerk Tassi O'Neil at  503-842-3402 or

Precint 001-Bay City


Andrea Goss

Andrea Goss is a passionate advocate for the CASA(Court Appointed Special Advocate) program. She is also an active member of the AAUW(American Assoication of University Women)


Phone: 503-812-8959

Larry Goss

Larry is a retired resident of Bay City. He has led an interesting life most recently working as a piano tuner. He also serves as Treasurer of the Master Gardeners program. For the Democrats he serves as Chair of the Membership Committee.


Phone: 971-223-5759

David McCall

David lives in Bay City, and was elected to the City Council in November ’16. He serves as the city’s Fire Department liaison, and is the president of the Tillamook Farmers Market. He has worked in the waste management industry for over two decades. He speaks English, Hungarian, German, and a little Ukrainian. He is also the much admired Chair of the Tillamook County Democrats.


Phone: (503) 801-7866

Precinct 003-Beaver

No Image Available.jpg

Jeri White

Jeri serves as the Precinct Committee Person for Beaver.


Phone: 503-398-5223

Precinct 005-Carnahan

Susan Pierce

Life-long Tillamook native, graduated from Tillamook High and have a degree in Business Management from George Fox University. Also an experienced traveler, retired accountant and business owner. Many interests including husband, children, and five grandchildren. Currently hold offices in the Tillamook Pioneer Association and the (AAUW) American Association of University Women of Tillamook.


Phone: 503-842-6959

Precinct 006-Cloverdale

Sonya Kazen

Sonya lives, creates music and gardens at her hillside home in Cloverdale. A retired transportation planner with ODOT, she currently serves on the Pacific City Farmers Market and South Tillamook Co. Library Club boards, and volunteers at the South County Food Pantry. A founding member of Progressive Action Tillamook, Sonya heads up the Human Rights Awareness Committee focusing on immigrant rights.


Phone: 971-257-0060

Fred Bassett

With music and careful words Fred keeps us all honest. He is a leader in PAT(Progressive Action Tillamook) and serves as the Tillamook Democrats Communications Committee Chair.


Phone: 971-257-0060

Precinct 008- Fairview

Ruth LaFrance

Active County Community participant for over 40 years. Currently serving on Tillamook County Library Board, Tillamook County Library Foundation, Tillamook Revitalization Association, Tillamook City Planning Commission, Tillamook Urban Renewal Agency.

Working part-time as a victim specialist in the DA’s Victim Assistance Program.

Retired teacher/librarian.


Phone: 503-842-5836

James Gregory

James is the former vice chair of the county party. He brings experience and passion to his position as Precinct Committee Person.


Phone: 503-812-6584

Precinct 010-Foley

Stevie Burden

Stevie is the Mayor of Wheeler. While there are people filing the Precinct Committee Person slots in Wheeler itself Stevie feels passionate about representing the truely rural members of her community who live on Hwy 53 and the Miami-Foley.


Phone: 503-812-4966

Precinct 013-Hebo

Linda Werner

Linda serves as Precinct Committee Person for Hebo. She is also is an active member of PAT (Progressive Action Tillamook).


Phone: 503-398-5223

Mark Cavatorta

Mark brings his artistic talents to the Communications Committee. As a long time teacher he has interesting insights into education policy.


Phone: 503-392-4581

Precinct 014- Kilchis

Kim Borman

Kim is an RN, and a proud lifelong Democrat, who believes in health care for all Americans, including Mental Health and Dental coverage. She strongly advocates for women, children, families, and all folks who cannot advocate for themselves. As a resident of Bay City since 1992, she is a Master Gardener, Bee-Keeper, mother of five, and a grandmother of two.


Phone: 503-435-7571

Tim Borman

Tim Borman has lived in Bay City since 1992 and is a lifelong Registered Democrat, and a newly "minted" Democratic PCP activist. He is a semi-retired physician, proud Grandfather, and trained volunteer community mediator. As such,Timis dedicated to NonViolent principles


Phone: 503-949-8883

Precinct 016- Nehalem

Lynda Chick

Lynda is a nurse and newly elected member of the Nehalem Bay Health Board. She has jumped into local politics and is a powerful advocate for the underrepresented. She serves on the Communications and Legislative Committees. Thank you Lynda!!


Phone: 772-852-1101

Joe Lebold

Joe serves as Precinct Committee Person for Nehalem.


Precinct 018 - Netarts


Sally Tuttle

Precinct Committee Person for Netarts.


Phone: 503-815-8028

Precinct 020- Oceanside

Elki Powers

Elki has lived in Oceanside for 30 years and is a volunteer firefighter for the Netarts-Oceanside Fire Department. She also volunteers at the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum. In the fall, she will be taking the Master Recycling workshop. She was a library assistant at the Tillamook Library for 18 years, and was able to help the Hispanic patrons with her ability to speak Spanish.


Phone: 503-354-2080

Jim Becraft

As former Vice Chair and current active member of the Legislative Committee, Jim's well thought out words are always welcome. Advocating for public health in all it's forms is Jim's passion.


Phone: 503-842-5937

Precinct 021-Pine Grove (Manzanita)

Annie Naranjo-Rivera

Annie lives in Manzanita and serves as Vice Chair, Delegate to the State Central Committee (SCC), and Delegate and 2nd Vice Chair of CD-5


Phone: 503-801-6556

Mick Taylor

Mick is a former officer of the Clatsop Community College Associated Student Body Government and is a State Certified Real Estate appraiser. He lives in Manzanita and was very active campaigning for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primary. He serves as Chair of the Hospitality and Nominating Committees.


Phone: 503-440-5038

Jacob Van Buskirk

Jacob lives in Manzanita and serves as Treasurer of the Tillamook Democrats, Secretary for the CD-5 Democrats, and an Alternate to the State Central Committee.


Phone: 253-861-8095

Precinct 024- Rockaway

Karen Mahurin

Karen serves as Secretary for the Tillamook County Democrats and the Legislative Committee. As former chair and Roberts Rules expert she also serves as unofficial Parliamentarian.


Phone: 503-355-2197

Janet McIntire

Janet is Chair of the Bylaws Committee. As former Treasurer she continues to help as needed with treasurer duties. Because of her background advocating for schools with OSEA she in a valuable contributor to the Legislative Committee.


Phone: 971-306-1062

Patrick McIntire

Patrick's history of working for the State Legislature provides excellent insight into that process for the Legislative Committee.


Phone: 971-306-1062

Gerald Berndt

Precinct Committee Person for Rockaway Beach.


Phone: (503)355-2862

Precinct 028- Trask

Jim Heffernan

Long time active member of the Tillamook County Democrats Jim has served in many roles. Now he is serving as Precinct Committee Person for Trask.


Phone: 503-842-2935

Precinct 030-Union (PC-Woods)

Cathy Colburn

Cathy lives on Sandlake Road near Whalen Island County Park with her husband, David. Most days you can find her and her golden dog, Sun, walking at the island. She is a retired teacher, librarian and counselor and now spends her time enjoying life on the coast.


Phone: 503-965-6372

David Colburn

David lives in the beautiful Sandlake area just north of Tierra Del Mar. He is a retired high school special education teacher who taught at Nestucca High School for more than 30 years. David's hobbies include gardening, home improvement projects, and ocean fishing with friends and relatives in his dory.


Phone: 503-965-6372

Precinct 032- Westside (Cape Meares)


Delores Rhodes

Precinct Committee Person for Westside


Phone: 971-237-0950

Peter Karnig

Peter is a hardworking, energized newcomer who is passionate about reaching out to everyone. As a photographer he is responsible for the photo's on this page. He also serves on the Membership and Communication Committees.


Phone: 541-418-2791

Precinct 033- Wheeler

Gloria Schiewe

Gloria serves as Precinct Committee Person for Wheeler.


Precinct 036-Tillamook Ward 2


Logan Laity

Logan is an energetic member of TillCo Dems who lives near the Library and represents central Tillamook. He is a Montanan immigrant and has served leadership roles on two Democratic campaigns. In his free time Logan loves to hike and talk government to confused friends and family. Logan serves as Secretary and is on the Bylaws committee.


Phone: (406) 422.3352

Precinct 037-Tillamook Ward 3

Diane Bacon

Diane Bacon is the Precinct Committee Person for Tillamook Ward 3.


Phone: 503-842-5898

Precinct 039-Tillamook Ward 5

Kathy Blevins

Kathy lives in Tillamook, where she was a veterinarian at Tillamook Veterinary Hospital for 22 years. From the age of 8, she remembers deciding that universal healthcare and universal education were the right and fair things to do and now works toward both. Kathy loves to travel and hike with her dog. She serves on the Membership Committee.


Phone: 503-812-4320